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The Perfect Pairing: Jamie Fox, Channing Tatum and PB&J

27 Feb


E! Online reports: Sunday night after the 2013 Oscars, the White House Down costars dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jamie gushed about working with People’s Sexiest Man Alive and even sang a musical tribute to him!


THE PERFECT PAIRING: The duo Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum, & PB&J

 The duo met on set for their soon to be released film, White House Down. As seen on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, their comedic chemistry is on point. Watching the two men made for great marketing for the movie. Viewers just couldn’t get enough…and either could I. I think that the perfect pairing for this dynamic twosome would be the classic Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich because they have become a staple twosome…they go together like peanut butter & jelly.


The Golden Apple: The Successful Sing In Bathtubs

26 Feb


We watched Britney Spears do it…Recently Rihanna did it…and now even Carly Rae Jepson has joined the bandwagon. It seems like in order to have a successful music video female artists are baring their emotions and singing in bathtubs.


Carly Rae Jepson’s newest music video “Tonight I’m Getting Over You” dropped today. The pop song is the fourth single to be released from her 2012 debut album, Kiss. Jepson sings about moving on from an ex with an upbeat dance track. The video follows Jepson through her hot and cold relationship with her love interest.

Surprisingly, the video is based off of real life events in Jepson’s life. She told People magazine, “I think it’s important to have a bit of a connection to a song that you sing, and there’s going to be some grittiness behind it, because otherwise it doesn’t come across as sincere. So I do think I tap into those memories in a certain way, but it doesn’t make me feel sad. It just makes me feel a little contemplative and in the moment.” But one scene in particular not only seemed overly dramatic and fictional, but also was featured in another pop star’s music video.

A few weeks ago Rihanna released her music video “Stay”. The entire video shows Rihanna naked in a bathtub, crying and trembling as she sings and mumbles the lyrics to the song. The video skyrocketed in popularity online, reaching over 30 million views within the first week. It seemed like it was all anyone could talk about.

COM_kabbalah_060906In 2004, pop icon Britney Spears released her music video for single “Everytime”, which portrays Spears as a star hounded by paparazzi and eventually drowns in a bathtub. This video was one of the first of its kind and received a lot of popularity and criticism. Organizations like non-profit, Kidscape, felt that Spears was glamorizing suicide.

Suicide may not be in Jepson’s latest video, but one can’t help but wonder is there a bathtub scene in her latest music video for a specific reason? Maybe she was thinking the same thing as Rihanna and Britney’s cinematographer, you want a popular music video…get in that tub!

Hours of Operation: Sweet Salt — Food Shop Done Right!

19 Feb

Sweet Salt is a fairly new food shop on Riverside Street in Burbank, CA. However, typical is a word that will never be used to describe this restaurant/food shop/coffee shop/bakery. All ingredients are made in house: from baked goods to sauces. Since its opening celebrities have frequented this little shop for a bite of Sweet Salt’s interesting recipes.


They have been featured in LA Times, LA Opinion, Huffington Post, North Hollywood Patch, and so much more!

Owner Alex Eusebio was recently on Top Chef:  Contenders on the hit show “Top Chef” aren’t known for being humble. That’s why some L.A. foodies were surprised to hear that Alex Eusebio — a Season 5 contestant and a hometown favorite — had quietly opened an unassuming gourmet sandwich shop in Toluca Lake called Sweetsalt Food Shop.

Before being cast on “Top Chef,” Eusebio, who is of Dominican descent and who moved to L.A. from New York, was the chef at an Echo Park restaurant called 15. The place had been transformed from a pupuseríainto a homey bistro, and Eusebio’s sharp flavors and precise cooking style soon made 15 a popular neighborhood destination with a seemingly bright future.


The Perfect Pairing: Fergie and a Baby Bottle of Warmed Milk

19 Feb

Perez Hilton reports:

Premiere Of Relativity Media's "Safe Haven" - Arrivals

Fergie just confirmed that she’s having her first tot with hubby, Josh Duhamel, and since her big news is now out of the bag, she decided to flee the states and head to London!

The Black Eyed Peas frontwoman arrived at the Heathrow Airport today, and even though she was trying to hide her tiny bump with a bunch of clothes, there was no way her pudge could stay away from saying hello.

Fergie Ferg may not be that far into her pregnancy, but she’s already glowing, and we think it’s all sorts of Glamorous!

Ch-ch-check out the singer and her beautiful pregnant belly.

PERFECT PAIR: Fergie & A (Black Eyed) Pea in a Pod & A Warmed Bottle of Milk. This week’s perfect pair is a threesome. Fergie is expecting her first child with actor Josh Duhamel so I thought what better pair than mother, child, and a nice warmed bottle for the little one. This is a very special time for the couple who has been together since 2004.

Recipe Box: Sweetheart Filled Cupcakes — Mindy Mccready

19 Feb

TMZ Reported:

Commits Suicide


The Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office released a statement this evening that reads:

“At 3:31 PM, Sunday, February 17th Deputies from the Cleburne County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a report of gun shots fired in the area of 1132 Fox Chase Drive in Heber Springs. Officers arrived on the scene at 3:58 PM and discovered the body of 37 year old Melinda Gayle McCready on the front porch of the residence at 1132 Fox Chase. Ms. McCready was pronounced dead at the scene from what appears to be a single self-inflicted gunshot wound. At this time family members have been notified of the incident. Ms. Mcready will be transported to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for an autopsy and the matter will be fully investigated.”

Troubled country music star Mindy McCready was found dead Sunday of an apparent suicide … this according to various reports. She was 37.

A source close to McCready tells TMZ … McCready shot herself and her dog. Neighbors reported hearing the two gunshots.

We’re told McCready had been a mess since the father of her youngest child, record producer David Wilson, was found dead in his home on January 13 of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

McCready’s two children were removed from her home by a judge on February 6 and she was committed to a treatment facility for a mental-health and alcohol-abuse evaluation. She was released two days later.

McCready had attempted suicide twice before — once in 2005 and again in 2008. She also made several trips to rehab and appeared in 2010 on the VH1 reality show “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew.”

This tragic suicide inspired me to want to create a dish that was filled with love and happiness. I wanted to showcase this talented singer’s life, instead of dwell on her death. McCready was a talented country singer, who loved the color pink and wearing her blonde hair in french braids. I wanted a recipe that was light, girly, and fun. 

Image Sweetheart Filled Cupcakes:

  1. Prepare Vanilla Cupcake batter.

Image2. Divide batter into two parts: Put half the butter into a large measuring cup with a spout (to make pouring the batter into the cupcake pan easier) or a medium bowl. Place the other half into a separate bowl and add red food coloring until you reach your desired color. (Tip: I made both pink and red versions, but the red turned out much better since there was more contrast between the two cakes… Lesson learned? Make sure your color is saturated and bold! Light colors will not turn out very well.

  1. Pre-heat over to 350-degrees.
  2. Add about 2 tablespoons of the regular batter to each cupcake tin.
  3. Meanwhile, pour red batter into a non-stick baking pan so that there is a thin layer of batter (about half an inch is good).
  4. Bake red batter for about 15 to 20 minutes until cooked through. (Tip: It’s okay to under-bake them a bit since they will technically be twice-baked.)
  5. Allow the red cake to cool completely. Once cooled completely, use a small heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut out mini hearts.
  6. Place hearts, vertically and face forward into the cupcake pan as shown in the image below. (Tip: It’s important to keep them all facing the same direction so that when you finally cut them open, you can see the pretty heart hidden inside.)
  7. Once all hearts have been placed, fill the cupcake pan with regular batter until ¾ full.
  8. Bake for approximately 20 minutes.

The Perfect Pairing: Award Show Crasher and Food Inspired Disguises

12 Feb

Perez Hilton reported:


Ukrainian TV personality Vitalii Sediuk is no stranger to creating a stir in Hollywood, but the man who kissed Will Smith on the red carpet has been faced with more than just a slap in the face this time.

After somehow managing to sneak his way into the Grammys on Sunday to crash the stage during Adele win for Best Pop SoloPerformance, Vitalii was shooed off the stage by presenter Jennifer Lopez and then greeted with police at the end of the show for trespassing.

Following a night spent in solitary to think long and hard about what he did, the menacing man said:

“I’m not a crazy guy. I just think differently.”

You are DEFINITELY a bit crazy. Not many sane minds would rush a high security stage simply to say, “Thank you, Adele. You’re my inspiration!”

However, we will admit a few hours in the slammer doesn’t seem too bad when you’ve just spent the whole night sitting behind Justin Timberlake. Are we right or are we right???

Until next time, Vitalii!

PERFECT PAIR: An award show crasher & the perfect disguise. In order to get away with future award show crashings Vitalii is going to need to change up his look to keep his act going.

The Perfect Pairing: Justin Bieber and a VERY cheap glass of non-alcoholic wine

12 Feb


TMZ reportedJustin Bieber isn’t taking too kindly to being told he doesn’t deserve a Grammy — going after the Black Keys drummer who insulted him … saying, the drummer “should be slapped around.”


Bieber added “haha” at the end of his statement — which he posted on Twitter — like he was joking. TMZ broke the story … BK drummer Patrick Carney mocked Bieber’s Grammy snub after the awards on Sunday — telling TMZ, “He’s rich, right? … Grammys are for music, not for money … and he’s making a lot of money.”

Grammy count — Black Keys 7 … Bieber 0

PERFECT PAIR: Justin Bieber & a VERY cheap glass of wine! It sounds to me that the little pop star is bitter about the Grammy snub and reacting very immaturely. He has been in the media recently, but not in the best light! From alleged marijuana use, to cheating on Selena. I am just over the Biebs and all his constant whining!