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Recipe Box: Jessica Alba I Want Your Bod Breakfast

9 Apr


Jessica Alba was recently photographed vacationing off the coast of St. Barths. It has been a while since we have seen Jessica out in public & did she make a statement! The gorgeous actress strutted her perfectly toned body out in the water like it was her job. You would never believe this woman is a mom! If you aren’t drooling yet here are a few more pictures to drench your pallette. 

ImageImageImageThese photos lit a fire inside of me. They motivated me to be the best I can be & in turn my recipe for the Jessica Alba I Want Your Bod Breakfast was created! (VIEW DETAILED RECIPE BELOW)

Image Jessica Alba I Want Your Bod: So like I said after drooling for a good twenty minutes at these photos of Jessica, I instantly wanted to get back into shape & make a change in my diet & fitness plan! I began researching certain healthy diet changes online. I came across “The Clean Diet” & “The Master Cleanse”, but the diet that really stuck out to me was “The Paleo Diet” also known as “The Hunter-Gatherer Diet.” This diet focuses on eating natural foods & going back to the dietary choices of the hunter gatherers. This means that all foods you must eat should be in its purest form, consisting of 3 natural ingredients or less. This means a lot of vegetables, fruits, lean meats. NO added sugar, salt, oils, or anything that consists of multiple ingredients. This immediately caught my attention! Also because after further reading, I found that this diet has been recommended to people suffering with diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc. Because making these simple diet choices can benefit your overall longterm health. So I decided to make a change…we will see how long this lasts. So in the hopes to get a Jessica Alba beach bod I created my first Paleo recipe. I thought I would start with breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day! This recipe is not only simple, but makes you just feel so much better after eating it. There is something about eating something healthy & having it affect how you feel for the rest of the day! 


Image4 egg whites
1 cup of spinach
1 tablespoon of feta cheese
non stick canola oil spray
1 apple


Image1. Set a pan on the stove & heat to medium

2. Spray some non-stick canola oil onto the pan

3. Pour egg whites into pan (cooking time approx. 4 mins)

4. After eggs are cooked add in spinach & feta cheese

5. Cut up apple & enjoy!

Image If that wasn’t the simplest freshly made breakfast recipe than I don’t know what is! And the amazing thing is that it is so flavorful & filling. You get the freshness from the spinach, but the tartiness from the cheese & both are combined with the fluffy egg whites. Then the apple for added crunch. So I do feel like I am starting off this Paleo diet strong and I will be sure to update recipes & let you know my progress!


Recipe Box: Amanda Bynes’ Murder My Tuna Pasta Salad

9 Apr

FOX News reports: During the past month, the “Hairspray” star has posted multiple pictures of herself in everything from blonde wigs to blue lipstick, and made a barrage of perplexing comments via Twitter such as “I want Drake to murder my vagina” and “it doesn’t matter what you think about yourself. All that matters is what your lover thinks of you.”

amanda-bynes-040813sp           Amanda Bynes has been making non-stop headlines it seems, & every week it appears that her behavior is becoming more & more bizarre! The most recent offense was when she was asked to leave a gymnastics class because she allegedly started crying after she did a cart wheel & her wig came off. She also has released statements online about her issues with her body image. She told Huffington Post, “I moved to New York and I love it! I lost 4 pounds since I moved. I am 121 pounds — my goal weight is 100.” And don’t even get me started about the Drake, murder my vagina tweet… Has Amanda Bynes officially gone crazy? Hard to say, but one thing I do know is something doesn’t smell right! She is either brilliant and acting out outrageous ways to keep everyone interested to see what she will do next or she has taken the quickest ticket to Crazytown! I can imagine that with how busy she is locking herself in dressing rooms & suing the paparazzi Bynes doesn’t have a lot of time to shower. And her new found fame and stench has inspired me to create an out of this world recipe for tuna pasta salad. (VIEW DETAILED RECIPE BELOW)

childstar5                     Amanda Bynes’ Murder My Tuna Pasta Salad: This recipe came to me yet again after a late night! …why do I get so hungry after most people go to bed? But my strange food habits are your gain because this recipe is easy but SO delicious! Anywho, I was looking up the Nickelodeon star’s twitter & just felt a sense of pity. Here was yet another child star who seems to be going down the shitter because of the fame. Her new look is not only drastic, but so ratchet/cheap looking. Maybe it’s just me, but after looking at her recent pictures I felt like you could see the sadness behind her eyes. It made me think of the homeless person you see in the corner, that is crying out for help silently. This got me thinking what is a super cheap easy meal that could fill up a homeless person’s starving belly. I got it! Tuna salad…and my mom always fed me well with pasta, so why not combine the two!



1 can of tuna
1 1/2 cups of wheel shaped pasta
2 hard boiled eggs
1/3 cup of mayonaisse
1 tablespoon of sweet relish
2 tablespoons of mustard
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1/4 teaspoon of pepper




1. Boil water in a pot & put the wheel pasta inside (cooktime approx. 12 minutes)

2. Open can of tuna & put in large bowl

3. Crack hard boiled eggs & mash with fork

4. Mix tuna, eggs, mayonaisse, mustard, relish, & seasoning together

5. Drain pasta & combine. Wait approx. 15 minutes for cooling & serve


amanda-bynes-dazed-and-confused-twitter-picture__oPt This look screams: Tell me I am beautiful when I wink at you!

amanda-bynes-plastic-surgery-cheek-piercings-01-435x580 She is thinking: Damn! I shouldn’t have put metal jewelry in my face when its SO cold out…brrrrr

bynes12f-2-web This photo says: Oh no! I put on too much eyelash glue & I can’t open my eye…but I kind of like it!

amanda-bynes The many personalities of Amanda Bynes! 🙂

The Perfect Pairing: Kim Kardashian & Ice Cream

9 Apr

Image TMZ Reported: Kim Kardashian has gained a reported 23 pounds since becoming impregnated with Kanye West’s love child. However, most tabloids have reported that her weight has spiked to over 200 pounds, which is due to Kim’s addiction to eating that she cannot quit.



Kim may have put on a few pounds recently due to her diet change, but what some people seem to forget is that she is HAVING A BABY! Of course her body is going to change, as well as her diet. A pregnant woman’s food cravings can not only be strange, but also so strong that it can cause severe mood swings. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to see a loco pregnant Kim. So please keep indulging your cravings Kim because a happy you is a happy us! But of all the foods we have seen Kim indulge in, the most spotted would have to be ice cream. These two a perfect pairing simply because they are a perfect pair. She clearly enjoys the frozen treat & the frozen treat loves her! I feel that pregnant ladies are off limits when it comes to weight comments. I don’t know maybe because THEY ARE GROWING A HUMAN INSIDE OF THEM! At least she isn’t craving pickles & peanut butter. Sometimes society forgets that celebrities are no different than ourselves. Kim is enjoying the treats of pregnancy & I fully support it! But to be fair she has been a fan of ice cream long before baby Kimye. (PICTURES BELOW)

The perfect pair coordinating spring colors.

Clearly Kim is surprised that her ice cream tastes this good!

Kim enjoying her favorite flavor Chocolate.

The couple both in vanilla colored attires.






The Perfect Pairing: Farrah Abraham & Sushi

9 Apr

Kari Feinstein's MTV Movie Awards Style Lounge - Day 2

TMZ Reported: Teen Mom star, Farrah Abraham was spotted hand in hand with adult film star, James Deen. However, the two are not a couple. Instead they recently both starred in an adult film that is currently being sold to the highest production house bidder.



This pairing may not be the most obvious, but let me tell you why I felt like the Teen Mom starlet & sushi made a perfect duo. I have always been a fan of sushi, but I have always been an adventurous eater. With much surprise to me I have found that it takes a very specific pallet to enjoy sushi. I feel like you either love sushi or won’t touch the stuff with a 10-foot pole. Sushi can be very versatile and take on many different looks & shapes. And if you are pregnant you are advised to STAY AWAY from raw fish. These are all qualities I feel apply to Farrah Abraham. She has recently been seen with her new face… I personally think she has gone from a crunchy roll to maybe a soft shell crab roll. She has managed to smooth out the edges, but in the process lost a lot of her flavor & is fighting to stay in the spotlight. However, I don’t know if pornography is the way to do so! I just know one thing is for certain… just like sushi she better stay away from all things pregnant because the last thing she needs is another person getting in between her and her man…once again pun intended!


The Perfect Pairing: The Bachelor & Salted Caramel Cocoa

12 Mar


ABC News Reported: After an unforgettable season on The Bachelor, Sean Lowe proposed marriage to Catherine Guidici. Which means he sent Lindsay Yenter home in tears.


THE PERFECT PAIRING: The Bachelor & Salted Caramel Cocoa

The highly anticipated finale of The Bachelor aired last night and everyone waited to find out who Sean would give his final rose to. I will admit that I watched the finale emotionally glued to the TV. As I sat there watching ABC make the fantasies I had as a child about love into reality tv, I realized something was missing… my significant other. But instead of feeling depressed about being alone I settled on the next best option…a giant cup of warmth. And I am pleased to report it wasn’t vodka. The perfect pairing for the season finale to the most romantic show on network television would have to be salted caramel hot chocolate. Not only because it is comforting, warm, rich, and smooth (the qualities I look for in a male companion), but also because The Bachelor finale’s flavor profile is salty & sweet. It was heartbreaking to see Sean leave Lindsey. You could see the pain she was feeling & the sadness on his face as he was forced to say goodbye to a woman he really cared about. But then all that saltiness was washed away with sweetness when you watched Sean pour his heart out and propose to Catherine.

Love may not last forever, and significant others may come in & out of your life, but at least you know if you ever get lonely…there is a cup of steamy Salted Caramel Cocoa waiting for you somewhere!


1363731124_sean-lowe-catherine-giudici-467 Catherine supporting Sean on Dancing With The Stars

sean-lowe-catherine-giudici-los-angeles The happy couple are nothing but smiles as they shop in Beverly Hills

xsean-lowe-and-catherine-giudici.jpg.pagespeed.ic._faMnsGKbT There was an instant connection between the pair

Bachelor-Sean-Lowe-proposes-to-Catherine-Giudici Cheers to the happily engaged couple!


sean catherine 660 ABC

The Perfect Pairing: Jamie Fox, Channing Tatum and PB&J

27 Feb


E! Online reports: Sunday night after the 2013 Oscars, the White House Down costars dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jamie gushed about working with People’s Sexiest Man Alive and even sang a musical tribute to him!


THE PERFECT PAIRING: The duo Jamie Foxx, Channing Tatum, & PB&J

 The duo met on set for their soon to be released film, White House Down. As seen on the Jimmy Kimmel Show, their comedic chemistry is on point. Watching the two men made for great marketing for the movie. Viewers just couldn’t get enough…and either could I. I think that the perfect pairing for this dynamic twosome would be the classic Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich because they have become a staple twosome…they go together like peanut butter & jelly.