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The Perfect Pairing: Miley Cyrus & A Juicy Cheeseburger

16 Apr


TMZ reported: Miley Cyrus was spotted on several occasions smoking what seemed to be the ganja. Miley has gone on record a few times to say that she is not smoking marijuana, but smoking salvia & cigarettes instead. However, with these recent pictures surfacing I don’t think there is anyway to deny that Miley is a fan of MaryJane.



This pairing came to me for some obvious & some not so obvious reasons. First, being that Miley will no doubtedly get the munchies after she tokes up & what isn’t better than a big ol’ juicy cheeseburger…am I right? And we know that she is from the country, where they love their animal based foods like red meat & cheese. But I also thought they were a perfect pair because they both have a lot of layers to them. Miley has been in the media right now for a lot of different reasons. From her relationship to Liam Hemsworth, to her twerk video, her new album is about to be released, and now these photos surfacing, I just think that Miley has a lot on her plate. But I do respect her and think that she has also done a great job in layering all these different aspects in her life well, just like the person who created the cheeseburger. You have the grains, vegetables, meat, & dairy. So not only do Miley & cheeseburgers relate to eachother, but they also go so well together!


^^^ Just in case you forgot this brilliant moment!



The Perfect Pairing: Jennifer Lawrence & Bagel Bites

12 Mar


Perez Hilton reports: After celebrating her big wins during award season, Jennifer Lawrence was spotted relaxing in Hawaii with a fine bottle of wine & a neatly made joint.


 THE PERFECT PAIRING: Jennifer Lawrence & Bagel Bites

Jennifer Lawrence caught smoking marijuana wasn’t that big of a deal to the current generation. If anything, it added to here fan appeal. It showed that she was a normal 22 year-old American girl. She works hard, but still needs her rest & relaxation from time to time. Lawrence is no amateur when it comes to acting. She has been in front of the camera since she was 14. Her career has varied from role to role, but one thing remains true…that right now she remains a staple in Hollywood. Similar to the staple food item in most Americans’ freezers, Bagel Bites. The pair goes hand in hand because JLaw loves the green & Bagel Bites were voted the BEST food to eat when you are stoned by Holy Taco.

We can only hope that after she smoked her joint JLaw went back into her hotel room and phoned for some pepperoni bagel bites. So if toking it up is your thing & you feel like spending the night in & relaxing, why not pop some Bagel Bites into your pre-heated oven & pop in a Jennifer Lawrence DVD & discover the perfect pairing first hand.